Heavy Metals: A Hidden Cause of High Blood Pressure

Heavy Metals: A Hidden Cause of High Blood Pressure




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Today I’m going to talk about the link between heavy metal toxicity and high blood pressure.

So if you’ve been struggling to get your blood pressure under control with diet, exercise, and even medications, but you’re not seeing improvements, then keep watching because there may be a very important missing link.

Heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead are a major root cause of health issues, especially high blood pressure.

And the reason is because heavy metals deactivate important enzymes in our body, which ultimately leads to blood vessel damage and a lot of inflammation.

Heavy metals also remove the protective effects of those heart healthy omega-3 fats, and they increase epinephrine.

Now, you may know that epinephrine is also called adrenaline, which is a very stimulating hormone. It puts us in fight or flight mode, and it makes our heart beat faster. So you can imagine that this would have the effect of raising our blood pressure.

And even aside from high blood pressure, heavy metals are a very common cause of fatigue, it’s one of the top symptoms, and also sleep issues, anxiety, and even digestive problems. Mercury toxicity has been shown to cause hair loss as well, so you can really start to see that heavy metals can cause a lot of problems and we need to take this issue seriously.

So how are we exposed to heavy metals? Well, unfortunately they’re everywhere. We get mercury through seafood, but we also get mercury and other heavy metals through our air, water, metal implants and dental fillings, and even things like tea and vegetables.

We’re also born with a heavy metal burden, because babies get exposed in the womb and through breast milk.

So there’s no way to completely avoid heavy metals, but we can reduce our exposure, and we can support metal detoxification.

Now that may be something that I’ll cover in an upcoming video, but today I just wanted to drive home the point that heavy metal toxicity is a really underappreciated cause of high blood pressure, so if you’ve made significant lifestyle changes or even taking medications but you’re not improving, you really have to look for metals.

High blood pressure is a really serious condition, and you don’t want to let it go uncontrolled. And if we dig deeper, we find that there are always reasons for health problems, and when you put all of the pieces together, that’s when you really turn the corner and start to get better.

Thanks so much for spending time with me, and I really hope that you’ll talk to your doctor about the possibility of heavy metals if you haven’t been able to get your blood pressure under control.

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