Programs and Pricing

We only accept a small number of new patients each year so that we can give each of them the time, attention and one-on-one care that they deserve. We choose to work with patients who are ready to make major changes and follow our top recommendations for lab testing and treatments.

Why We Offer Programs

We offer 6- or 12-Month programs to accommodate different needs. Our experience has shown that comprehensive programs are the best way to encourage the commitment and follow-through that it takes to get big results. Time and time again, we've seen that the patients who get the best results are the ones who are fully invested in reaching their goals and follow up on a regular basis. Being consistent with your care is incredibly important because it allows us to continually modify, fine-tune and troubleshoot so that we never get off track.

You might feel nervous about moving forward because of past disappointments. You might also feel hesitant to pay out of pocket for health care, or about having to make diet and lifestyle changes. And you're not alone!

We get it, because so many of our patients felt the exact same way before they joined our clinic. A lot of our patients had been to several other providers before coming to see us, and they were afraid of being disappointed again. Some of them were worried that they still wouldn't get the answers they were looking for, or that their treatment plan would be too hard to follow.

But once they allowed us to put together the pieces of their story and uncover the answers they were looking for, they were able to understand why and how their health problems started. And eventually they found that they had the tools, support and confidence to get back on track. They also found that the knowledge they gained while working with us set them up for a lifetime of vibrant health.

In other words, our Health Transformation Program is an investment in yourself and in your future.

"Her treatments in my condition have completely changed my life…" ~Rachel

The Value

The core elements of the Health Transformation Program include:

  • A 2-hour Comprehensive New Patient Evaluation, including a physical exam and an extensive review of your medical history, previous lab results and current health concerns
  • A 60 – 90-minute Review of Findings session where we explain your new lab results, put together the pieces of your story and discuss the factors that are contributing to your current state of health
  • A personalized treatment plan focused on natural, non-invasive therapies such as nutrition, botanicals and lifestyle modifications
  • Regular follow-up sessions with the doctor
  • Support, encouragement and accountability to help you stick with the program
  • Access to the highest quality professional supplements
  • A comprehensive wellness lab panel
  • A functional micronutrient test (12-month program only)
  • Handouts, guides and other helpful resources

As your partner in health, we promise to:

  • Work with you to implement your treatment plan in a sequence that aligns with your body's healing mechanisms. This ensures that our efforts are both efficient and effective.
  • Support you in making changes and regularly track your progress, making adjustments as necessary, so that we can streamline the path to reaching your goals.
  • Identify long-term strategies that will help you to maintain the improvements that you've made through working with us.
  • Be available to you for quick questions or clarifications in between sessions by secure messaging or phone (This ensures that you never feel confused or stuck).
  • Provide you with action steps, things to think about and consider, and resources to explore in between our sessions.
  • Spend a considerable amount of time outside of your sessions thinking deeply about your case, analyzing your laboratory test results, adjusting your treatment plan, answering your questions, and even researching your condition or consulting with other experts.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of the latest advances in research, lab testing and therapies so that we're always delivering the best care possible.

At your initial evaluation, the doctor will recommend one of our programs for you (6 or 12 months) based on her analysis of your case. The doctor will help you decide which of the programs is best for you based on the complexity of your condition and your health goals.

"This investment in my health will last for my lifetime because of the things that I have learned and can continue to apply for all my days to come. . .Symptoms mean your body is trying to tell you something and Attune Functional Medicine can identify what it all means and give you solutions that actually work.
If you want more life back in your days, I HIGHLY recommend going to Attune." ~Christine


Your first visit will be a 2-Hour Comprehensive New Patient Evaluation. This visit is $695 and includes the doctor's time reviewing your previous labs, medical history and current health concerns before you arrive.

At the end of your initial evaluation, the doctor will recommend one of our programs for you (6 or 12 months) based on her analysis of your case. The doctor will help you decide which of the programs is best for you based on the complexity of your condition and your health goals.

The 6-month program can be covered in 5 monthly payments of $599 and the 12-month program can be covered in 11 monthly payments of $499. Patients who pay for their program in full at their first visit will receive significant savings.

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