When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my life just about fell apart! I did not know what to do and my first thought was that I needed to change my habits and gain control of my life so that I can be around for my sons. Within 3 months of working with Dr. Biscoe I lost weight, my blood sugar levels went down, my blood pressure and cholesterol were lowered, and my primary care physician could not even believe it! She called her colleagues into her office and showed them my results from 3 months prior [compared to] the recent ones and they were in awe!! My life changed and I also made it my lifestyle. Today I'm very healthy, I eat healthy, I work out on a regular basis and all of my medications have been reduced by half! Dr. Biscoe changed my life and believed in me. I am forever grateful for what she's done for me. I am 53 years old and feeling better than I have in my entire life!
Wanda, 53

Dr. Egeland is probably the kindest and most compassionate doctor I have ever had. She works almost as a detective trying to get to the root cause of symptoms instead of just trying to relieve them. She is clearly so knowledgeable in her field yet presents everything in an easy to understand way. She is completely approachable and makes herself available for any questions or concerns. I appreciate how Dr. Egeland doesn't try to overwhelm you. She only tests what will help her get specific answers and eases you into supplements. Her suggestions for lifestyle changes feel manageable. The appointments never feel rushed. She really listens to you and works to address any and all concerns. I like the way naturopathic medicine really seems to focus on finding the root cause of issues – not just masking symptoms.
T.B., 47

I saw Dr. Biscoe for help with Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis and severe adrenal fatigue. She even identified hidradenitis suppurativa. I found her to be very knowledgeable and competent when dealing with my case. Dr. Biscoe was also very personable and compassionate. My experience with her care was one I would recommend to anyone.

Dr. Egeland is one of the most knowledgable and informative people I know. Her willingness to help and provide care is second to none. When I first started seeing her, her direction allowed me to find the answers I needed to improve the functioning of my body and healing tenfold. Before seeing Dr. Egeland my body found itself weak and fatigued, lacking key nutrients needed to heal and function optimally. Regularly becoming sick from training, I was happy to find the answers I needed to get back to being the competitive athlete I was before. There is no replacement for the care she provided to me. Going above and beyond is something Dr. Egeland just naturally seems to do and I am FOREVER grateful to her. She provided care as if you were a loved family member; better than any doctor I had previously visited.
Benjamin, 29

Dr. Biscoe is a fantastic ND - highly knowledgeable and professional. She has excellent experience and background with a kind and creative approach to medicine. She is very personable and has always made me feel very at ease with empathy and encouragement. Her treatments in my condition have completely changed my life, giving me more energy, clear thinking and better digestion. She has truly made a difference in my life.
Rachel, 24

After 30 years of having my medical issues dismissed by doctors and struggling with symptoms and pain, it took Dr. Egeland all of two visits to run tests, look into all of my symptoms and make a plan. Eight months with Dr. Alison did more for me than 30 years with other doctors! I feel human again…much less pain, symptoms are lessening, and finally a doctor that is a partner in my journey to health. What stood out the most was having a doctor that was honestly interested in what I was saying, realizing that the patient has got to be a teammate in the road to wellness, and looking at the human body as a whole! Dr. Alison was the first doctor to ever look at my symptoms and work on them as interrelated parts of a whole, rather than separate pieces. Naturopathic medicine is the only way to go. Instead of covering up the symptoms of disease, it digs for the root cause. It is the only way to true healing. Dr. Egeland is simply an amazing, brilliant doctor. She is willing to research, look into new ideas, work as a teammate towards health with her patients and does not stop until she finds the underlying conditions. She takes an immense amount of time with her patients at every visit, and actually cares about the outcomes.
Fallon, 44

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