What To Expect

You can expect to spend a lot of time at your visits. Be prepared to do a lot of talking!

Initial Consultation: 2 hours
Your first visit includes:
  • A review of your medical history (50 minutes)
    • Family history
    • Diet and lifestyle
    • Social and environmental factors
    • Your current health concerns and goals
    • Discussion of your previous lab work
  • Physical exam (15 minutes)
  • Discussion of findings and next steps (15 minutes)
  • Ordering of new lab tests as needed (15 minutes)
  • Discussion of your initial treatment plan (20 minutes)
  • Wrap-up, checkout and follow-up visit rescheduling (5 minutes)
Follow-Up Visits: 15-90 minutes

NOTE: Follow-up visit times will vary depending on the purpose of the visit and the complexity of your case.

Follow-up visits may include:
  • A re-evaluation of symptoms and clinical progress
  • A review of any new lab results
  • Changes to your individualized treatment plan as needed
  • Specific therapies if appropriate
  • Ordering of follow-up testing as needed
  • Discussion of any questions you may have
Functional Medicine Appointments